February 2017

LFW AW17 Beauty

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London Fashion Week was filled with colour this season and I loved it! It was also filled with the usual pared down, minimal makeup on those gorgeous humans that we call models. Well, it's easy to look that good with no makeup on when you're skin resembles silk. But I do have to say I love it when the artists actually put their creative stance on it. Andrew Gallimore is always a big inspiration to me and I love [...]

Cassie’s Friday Favourite

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I have what I'd call a normal skin type but it takes a lot of hydration for it not to feel tight so I'm always looking for new tonics to soften it. I was really excited when the Katherine Daniels nurturing night balm landed on my desk because I am a big fan of their products. The balm is designed to use as a night mask. It comes out of the pump looking a bit like a serum [...]

Non Surgical Facelifts

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When you start to see a few changes in your skin thats when you really start to pay attention to what anti-ageing treatments are out there. I'm always a bit cynical so I absolutely love it when I try a treatment that you see instant results with. My go to spa is Dermaspa in Milton Keynes whenever I get the chance for a luxury pamper. I travel there because I know I am getting the best and the [...]

November 2016

Makeup Books

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If you love make up and want something to last a lifetime then books never go out of fashion. My most fascinating books in my collection are the Kevin Aucoin ones. He was a pure genius and very famously changes faces. See how he turns Lisa Marie Presley into Marilyn Monroe with his contouring skills, it's mind blowing.     I really love a bit of history because without that we wouldn't have had any of the fabulous makeup trends [...]

October 2016

Pro Palettes

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I love a good eye shadow palette, it just saves so much faffing about for me to have all my colours in one place. I don't always have to have high end luxury eye-shadows because high street can be just as good and I am loving the British Beauty Bloggers collaboration with Makeup Revolution in her Fortune for the Brave palette. It has such a good range of shades and none of those pointless ones that you'll never use. I [...]

Weekend Glam

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It's the weekend so time to get glammed up! Here are some of my essentials...... Make up has to last the whole night when you're partying so a great foundation is essential. I am yet to find one that stays on the skin as well as oxygenetix. The staying power is incredible! I like to mix mine with the Nars liquid bronzer, another must have, for a glowy finish.                   Available at [...]

CLMA Success Stories – Katie Bishop

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One of our lovely CLMA Graduates, Katie Bishop, popped in to tell us about where her career in makeup has taken her thus far!  How did you hear about CLMA? As I was living in Austria, I left it up to my mum to find me a good makeup school. After researching a number of makeup academy's she found that CLMA was definitely the best around! What is one of your highlights from CLMA? The experience I gained throughout my course [...]

September 2016

All About Pro Skills

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I am so excited for this new course! Our bridal and occasional makeup course has been so popular and given so many opportunities for people to start their makeup career, it’s great to see. As you can image though, it’s very difficult to teach people all the skills needed to become a makeup artist in one week. That’s why I have now introduced our Pro Skills Course, as this is a perfect top up to the Bridal and Occasion Makeup. [...]

LFW Wrap Up

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London fashion week is a wrap and if like me you struggle to keep up, here are a few looks you definitely shouldn't miss Dark Lips caught everyone's attention this season starting with the 'Hole' created by Val garland. I am a huge fan of Val's, in my eyes the queen of British makeup, so she is always my first go to to see what's hot on the catwalk. My favourite look from Val this show season was of course [...]

July 2015


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Welcome to the Cassie Lomas Make Up Academy official blog site! We’ll be sharing tips, tricks and trends to make sure your look is always on point! CLMA is the the North West’s leading Fashion Make Up School and we encourage anyone with a passion for make up, or even an urge to learn more, to come and see how we can give you a head start in this dynamic industry! For more information head to our website cassielomasmakeupacademy.co.uk. xx