March 2017

A (rare) Night Out Ritual

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It's been a crazy busy year already, so a night out with the Hubby and friends has been a rare thing, so my pamper ritual has to be pretty special. It all starts with lighting scented candles, to calm the mood and relax me. I love the ones from . A fellow busy working mum, Naomi has an eclectic mix of gorgeous goodies for you and your little ones and her MamaMantra candles are amazing; reminding Mama's to burn [...]

Editorial Makeup

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I’ve been working on some really cool editorial shoots recently, which of course has prompted me to do lots of shopping. Even when you are doing an actual makeup that looks like there is nothing on the skin, it can take more time than when doing more of a glam look. The first thing to do is make the skin look perfect. I always like to start with a little bit of a mask that can really hydrate the [...]

February 2017

Cassie’s Friday Favourite

By | February 17th, 2017|BBlogger, Beauty, Blog, Cassie Lomas Loves, Makeup, Makeup Artist, Skincare|

I have what I'd call a normal skin type but it takes a lot of hydration for it not to feel tight so I'm always looking for new tonics to soften it. I was really excited when the Katherine Daniels nurturing night balm landed on my desk because I am a big fan of their products. The balm is designed to use as a night mask. It comes out of the pump looking a bit like a serum [...]