It’s been a crazy busy year already, so a night out with the Hubby and friends has been a rare thing, so my pamper ritual has to be pretty special.

It all starts with lighting scented candles, to calm the mood and relax me. I love the ones from . A fellow busy working mum, Naomi has an eclectic mix of gorgeous goodies for you and your little ones and her MamaMantra candles are amazing; reminding Mama’s to burn bright!

I currently have the Mamaste candle which burns a soothing Lavender & Geranium scent to restore a sense of balance & calm. The collection is made with natural wax and they are all environmentally friendly.

To add to the calm, the kids are packed off early and I put on a bit of Bruno Mars whilst I prepare my skin giving it an essential deep cleanse to rejuvenate the skin and keep it as healthy as possible.

I love all the products from the Katherine Daniels skin essentials range, it makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated, and gives it the perfect natural glow you get when you’ve taken that little bit of extra to time to give it back what it needs.

My recent trip to Austria did me the world of good to restore balance, so with my skin looking this good I don’t want to wear a lot of makeup but still want a glam look. So a statement lip and a good lash is all I’m going to go for.

The Sisley phyto lip twist in MAT 18 which is a Bright Red colour is insane! It goes on like a crayon and you feel as you put it on it’s instantly sticking to your lip so you know its going to last, but it also has a waxy feel when you rub your lips together, keeping them soft and hydrated, and not cakey like you can get with some matte lips.

For the lash is has to be Eldora. For this simple glam look the individual lashes are the most versatile, and I add a mixture of S301 & S302 at corner of my eyes to give them a little lift.

To finish off, I’m choosing to wear my favourite scent from Lanvin. I change perfumes a lot and wear different things depending on what mood I’m in so their different smells start to become attached to moments and memories that I cherish. This particular scent I wore at my wedding which brings back good feelings and makes it irreplaceable.

After a perfect pamper ritual before I go out, there is no point ruining all the good work I’ve done by not caring for my skin when I get home.

I remove my makeup with Rodial Dragons Blood cleansing water. It’s a gentle and hydrating micellar water perfect for the eyes and face. It contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin b3 and the refreshing rose water removes make-up and impurities whilst the dragon’s blood comforts my  skin.


Then just before I go to sleep I apply a little Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil, with its powerful blend of plant-based active ingredients that nourish, regenerate and protect the skin this oil provides the essential elements for the skin’s vitality and youthfulness, and who wouldn’t want that?