I absolutely love getting clients ready for the the red carpet.
There are so many things to consider and plan for that it can take a few days preparation and it isn’t always about just turning up and doing a pretty makeup.

I always spend a few days researching the client, the event, the trends and looking for inspiration. I never just go to work and then decide what I am doing, it just doesn’t work for me. I am always on the lookout for colour, texture and styles that I feel resonante with my style of work the best.

Of course there are a few products that I always swear by and give me the hollywood look that I know works. Teaming them with my ideas to make something that works is the winning ticket.

Tip #1

Make up that lasts is essential. You can’t be doing touch ups once the client is out of your chair so makeup that doesn’t move is a must!
I love Hourglass primer serum for a smudge proof base.

Tip #2

A glow hits the lights just right.
I always like a bit of a sheen somewhere in my makeup so the camera flashes can pick it up and give that glisten that makes the look polished.
A radiance powder in all the highest points of the face gives definition as well as sheen to the skin.
Becca shimmering skin perfector is one of my favourites.

Tip #3

A splash of colour can be used to tie the makeup into the clients best features and outfit, making the eyes or lips pop and the overall look come together.

Rita Ora Brits 2017

Tip #4

I love Nars for getting immaculate skin. Any one of their foundations or concealers are always present in my makeups. They just do flawless, radiant skin so well.
My current favourite are the Nars radiant creamy concealers because they give coverage but are still leightweight so the skin is visible.
Pat your concealer in with your fingers so as you apply you take off any excess.